Sacred Rattle

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I also love to create special tools for ritual…

Since ancient times, tribal People

have been shaking their Rattle

at the Sky, to honor Spirit and Creator.

The Rattle is a symbol of the connection

between feminine principle(the gourd)

And the masculine (the stick).

Balancing the energies

of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The Rattle or Shaker is a sacred instrument,

a tool to activate and send

your intentions to Spirit World.

Best friend of the Sacred Drum.

It accompany your dances, singing, meditating and praying.

May your Sacred Path be blessed and filled with beauty, joy, abundance and awareness.

Co-creating a better world as you

honor the Elements of Life !

Aho !

(To see the different Rattles I make, visit my Etsy page for more details.)


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